Welcome to HavenHope


What is HavenHope? 

HavenHope is a covenant community program designed to assist women in recovery and heal from various kinds of trauma and addiction.



HavenHope is always looking for volunteers willing to help with our cause, or to donate funds that will help with our cause. 


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If you or someone you know is in need of help, or if you have any questions, please contact us today. 

Local Business Donations provide significant help to the Lost and Found Ministry / HavenHope

We appreciate New Leaf Landscaping business owner Joe Bueno, who donated his landscaping services to greatly simplify yard maintenance. He removed invasive honeysuckle, graded the area between the garage and workshop and applied stone and sod in the freshly prepared area. He also built a retaining wall and added stone to an area where the steps and retaining wall had deteriorated. Kettering Overhead Door came to the house to work on the garage door and were able to fix the existing unit and donated a new remote at no charge. Ernst Concrete will make concrete repairs to the front patio at no charge. These donations are very much appreciated and if you have personal project needs where these local businesses may be of assistance, consider them for the needs of your next project as they do great work!

Thank you to all who support Lost and Found Ministry as it is helping those in recovery to find new faith in the Lord, get their life back, reconnect with their loved ones while having a chance for a future blessed life.

HavenHope Update

This spring we focused on sprucing up the HavenHope property--weeding, trimming bushes, mulching, removing trees, power washing and attending to general maintenance/upkeep.

The HavenHope update for this month includes some commonly asked questions about Lost and Found Ministry.

Are you accepting applications for new residents?
We are not accepting applications for new residents at this time.

I heard that HavenHope is closing--is that true?
No. HavenHope will remain open until June 2020 at a minimum and we are evaluating next steps for the ministry so we are prepared to move forward by next June. HavenHope’s future has been the topic of discussion at Board meetings since the Fall of 2018. We are open to possibilities, including selling our property to use funds for mission work in another way or partnering with another agency. Please continue to pray for this ministry as we seek to discern how we will serve.

Does HavenHope need financial assistance?
Financial support is always needed. Our current pledge support is just enough to cover our monthly expenses (utilities, property tax, board insurance, etc). At this point HavenHope is completely run by volunteer service, we have no paid staff. The list of needed repairs to the property is extensive, compared to available funds. We recently allocated $5000 for repairs. We have contracted some work--repairing the chimney, installing a new water heater, fixing a water leak in the basement, repairing the bathroom ceiling damaged by water when the roof was leaking and repairing the steps to the basement. Volunteers have taken care of other projects--replacing broken deadbolts, repairing the garage door and many more needs both large and small.

Does Church of the Cross own HavenHope?

Yes, Lost and Found Transitional Ministry of Dayton, Ohio, LLC (commonly called Lost and Found Ministry) is a mission of Church of the Cross. We paid cash to purchase the HavenHope property in full.

Do residents pay to live at HavenHope?

No, we do not collect any rent or fees for residents to live at HavenHope.

What is the average monthly expense for utilities, property insurance, board insurance and taxes?

Expenses vary of course, but an average is $650. We receive this amount in monthly pledges. Monthly pledges come from the COTC United Methodist Women, COTC Missions Team, and individual donors.

How do you pay for maintenance, upkeep and repairs?

We have some savings to draw on for needed maintenance and repairs. We do not have enough funds to cover all needs. The gap has been met by individuals who have provided needed materials and service as a donation to the ministry.

How can I help?

We can use handyman services, cleaners, and drivers. Our resident doesn’t own a car and the bus service does not always run at times and to places that can accommodate her schedule for work, school and appointments. Financial donations are appreciated as well.